About Me #2

Hi guys It’s Chloe again,

Im going to tell you about some of the things I have participated in at school:)

In grade 4 I went to Sovereign Hill for camp. When we were there we dressed up as if we were at school at the time of the gold rush. We walked around as if we were actors:)

Last year in grade 5 we went to Weekaway. We did heaps of activitys like flying fox, hut building, and many more! 🙂

This year all of grade 6 is going to Melbourne. We are going to Eureka Skydeck, Science works, screen worlds, Yarra cruise and many more! 🙂


Hi guys just a friendly reminder to post on my blog. I would really like to get some new posts:)

Any way there was something else I had to tell you what was it?

Oh that’s right IT’S SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!!

And I would like to know what is everyone doing!

Please comment below;)


This week for science we are looking a yeast and what it needs to survive,this week we did an experiment with three things in a bottle we did:

cold water , yeast and sugar

warm water , yeast and sugar

and finally hot water , yeast and sugarimage



About Me

Hi my name is Chloe.I am eleven years old and I go to Kennington primary school.I am in year six and my teacher is Miss Jackson.I really enjoy school and I have heps of friends that enjoy school!!

Im going to tell you about myself!!Look at the collage below:)!


I have a picture of a motorbike because I am a motorbike lover! A stack of books because I am a bookworm! A Lego man because I love Lego! An Essendon scarf because I barrack for the mighty Bombers!! An elephant because they are the best animal ever!! And finally a picture of One Direction because they are the best band ever!!!!:) If you have similar interests please comment below:)